Hi, I’m Eva a Registered Nurse and a Professional Certified Coach.

I work with Nurses and Midwives to achieve a positive work-life balance

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Eva Storey - Resilience Coach

Are there times when you feel unsupported at work?

Are you struggling to find peer support from someone who has experience as a nurse and understands your situation?

Do you find yourself leaving work late and checking emails when you get home?

Do you constantly feel that you are always behind and chasing your tail?

Is your home life and self -care suffering?

I Can Help You Through 1-on-1 Coaching

I am trained as a coach to ask powerful questions, listen deeply and then provide a safe space for you to think through your answers. A good coach doesn’t tell you what to do but supports you to find your own answers and develop a plan to help you meet your goals.

Resilience Assessment Package

Assessment of your  personal levels of resilience 

A personalised Resilience strengths based report 

A Resilience workbook 

 4 x I Hour  individual Coaching sessions

Action plan to work on your resilience goals

Please contact me for further information

1:1 Coaching packages

I offer a complimentary coaching session when we first meet to identify what you would like my help with to then determine how best I can help and support you.

We then tailor your individual coaching sessions to suit your needs.

Typically I coach clients over a 6 week, three month, six months or yearly basis.

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1:1 Rapid Access

A single pay as you go rapid access 1:1 session  over Zoom for those times when you just need to talk things through and come away from the session with a plan

Please contact me for further information

Feedback from my clients

My name is Kirstie Page and I’m a artist specialising in creating uplifting artworks that spark joy and bring comfort together with work at an aged care facility as an administrator and dementia educator. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to receive some coaching from Eva Storey. At the beginning of our session I expressed to Eva that I felt quite overwhelmed. Like many women of a “certain age”, life is incredibly busy and at times trying to juggle many responsibilities and family pressures was taking its toll; increasingly emotionally and physically. When those feelings are combined with day to day work in the aged care sector my stomach felt tight and my thoughts were whirling. It was making it even harder to effectively do my job. (I’m not sure about you, but I feel there are a a unique set of pressures that exist for people working in the aged care sector that people outside the field often don’t understand. That’s why Eva was so perfect for me even though I’m not technically a nurse...) Over the course of the session, Eva helped me work on my mindset. Together we developed very helpful, practical strategies. I’ve since gone on to apply these strategies at work. Lo and behold, my stomach is calm and my mind is clear! I’m so grateful for the genuine difference Eva has made for me. If you’re feeling like I was, I’d really urge you to get in contact with her. It honestly helped me, and I believe it can help you too... Thank you Eva.

Jan 2020

‘It was really helpful discussing and working through career goals and options available to me, and formulating the start of a strategy to achieve those goals. I was feeling devalued in my current work situation, but Eva enabled me to recognise my strengths and uncover unique and exciting opportunities. I definitely feel more empowered to pursue a direction in my career that utilises and compliments the skills, experience and assets I have. Thank you Eva’

Leisa Nurse
Nov 2019

"Eva helped me to clarify my professional goals and set achievable tasks to help me progress them.The alliance with a coach who is a good listener, empathic, hopeful and resourceful has been invaluable to my confidence and persistence.I would recommend Eva to others needing a space in which to meet with someone who listens, supports and gently challenges them to reach for their goals and live their passions."

Vanessa Business Owner

"I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me Eva, did I mention I think you need to be a life coach?!! hehe. You were there for me when I was at my lowest, you treated me with respect, gave me strength to try again and encouragement to do better, you believed in me and I will always love you for being that person and a friend."

Leonie Clinical Nurse

"Wow 9 weeks of my busy life Went quick with life coach Eva. A caring professional who steered Me through some goals ,challenges and forward actions I needed to do. I highly recommended Eva if you’re Looking to create a better you 😃"

April 2019

About me

I am passionate about providing support for senior nurses. I know from first-hand experience that it is difficult to find support from someone who understands the pressure nurses are under today. I truly know that as a Nurse you are very busy and there is never enough time for your own self-care, and even if there was you are too exhausted to do anything. I know this because I have worked as a nurse for 38 years. Click here to listen to my resilience story Podcast with Bryn from WAREAL

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching works in partnership with you and helps you to achieve your personal best and produce the results that you want in your personal and professional life, health and relationships.

The intention of coaching is to help you achieve your goals and help support you in becoming the best that you can be, your fabulous self!

Coaching will help you to identify actions that you can take to achieve your goals. My role as your coach is to provide you with a safe, confidential, non-judgemental space to help you work through and achieve your goals.

Coaching focuses on the here and now, exploring what is happening in the present, helping you to design your future by working in partnership with you and supporting you every step of the way. In the sessions, I will ask you questions to understand your situation rather than give you answers or advice.

It is important to note that coaching is not therapy, for example, counselling or mentoring.

Resilience is defined by Kathryn MCEwen as “an individual’s capacity to manage the everyday stress of work and remain healthy, rebound and learn from unexpected setbacks and prepare for future challenges proactively”. There are four domains of resilience: Physical health, Self-Management, Adaptability and Proactivity.

As a resilience coach I use the R@W individual tool which is a scientifically researched measure of personal workplace resilience measuring 7 components that interrelate and contribute to overall resilience. The individual report that you will receive will provide you with comprehensive feedback that is easily translated into actions through coaching.

Coaching takes place in your own home via Skype or FaceTime using a computer or a mobile device. All you need is a quiet space free from interruptions and earphones/headset.

Typically a session will run for 1 hour, you can choose to have a 2 hour session if you prefer. For example, instead of 6 one hour sessions, you could have 3 2 hour sessions.

When you have decided that you are ready to be coached, I will send you a welcome pack which you will need to read through, complete the ‘about me’ form and return the signed coaching agreement. In the first session, we will work through the ‘about me’ form and then work on identifying a specific goal.

Payment plans are available on request. 1:1 coaching sessions require the first session to be paid before the coaching commences and then fortnightly by direct debit for the remainder of the weeks.

1:1 rapid access payment must be made prior to the session commencing via bank transfer.