Nursing Burnout

Why Nursing Burnout is a Taboo Subject

This months blog post considers why Nursing Burnout is a taboo subject and why nurses struggle feeling guilty about putting their self-care needs first and how this can lead to burnout. One of the most common problems that I hear from nurses that I coach is that they feel often guilty about taking time for themselves. Work takes priority, and the paradox is that as

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Nursing a career for life past present and future

Nursing, a career for life, past, present and future.

Nursing, a career for life. past, present and future. This months blog challenge for #NurseBloggers2020 is “Nursing, a career for life, past, present and future”. This months topic prompted some self-reflection on my career path as a nurse. The beginning I have always wanted to be a nurse right from being very little. I can remember reading nurse Nancy in one of the Bunty comics

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My Best Day In Nursing

‘My best day in nursing’  is the topic for June #NurseBloggers2020 written as part of 2020 The International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. #NurseBloggers2020 June Topic This blog post was inspired by a recent interview that I did for my Podcast Real Nurse Stories. I interviewed a fantastic Community Nurse Team Leader Amanda, who works in Tameside and Glossip in the North West of

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International Nurses Day

What Would Florence Think Of Nursing Now?

What would Florence think of Nursing now?  This is the topic for May #NurseBloggers2020 written as part of 2020 The International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. #NurseBloggers2020 May Topic Many people associate Florence Nightingale with the “lady with the lamp” a title that was bestowed on Florence as she walked through the hospital halls and wards checking on patients during the Crimean war. A

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The Elephant in the room -Retention

Let’s Talk About The Elephant In The Room

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room – retention is the topic for April as part of the #NurseBloggers2020 challenge. #NurseBloggers2020 April topic I have to be honest, I have struggled to write this post for April. As COVID-19 has taken hold globally it didn’t feel right to write about retention when all hands are on the pump where nursing is concerned. There are

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Who Inspires me as a nurse in 2020?

This blog post is written as part of the Twitter #NurseBloggers2020 challenge. This month’s writing topic is “who inspires You”. I would like to introduce you to Margaret who is in her first year of nurse training in Nairobi at the Nairobi hospital and inspires me in so many ways.  2020 The Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020 The Year of the Nurse and

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